HCC was born out of a desire to make a positive impact in whanau's lives post Earthquakes of September 2010 & February 2011. 

Going on our own life style transformation journey while living in Queensland between August & November 2012. We returned home for a family event in Dec 2012 & saw the effects the earthquakes had on our whanau & friends weren't really taking care of their health & wellbeing and were putting all their focus into their whanau instead. We knew we could make a difference by using kori tinana. 

Our first major goal was to create a program that was fun yet challenging while offering a service in a supportive, caring & uplifting environment. We originally ran group training sessions on Saturday and Sunday mornings, we did this because we wanted to create a solution for whanau that were binge drinking. They would need to make a decision drink in excess or stay clean to get up for training in the mornings. 

We operate a fully mobile gym service across Otautahi as well as co-ordinating health, wellbeing & nutrition work shops with other health professionals that are passionate about helping whanau .