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HCC Fit2Go 6 Week Lifestyle Transformation Challenge  

next challenge starts:

11 November 2019

Challenge fee is $100




The HCC 6 Week Challenge is perfect for those looking for a fresh start.

This is not by any means a weight loss competition but more so a learning experience as we work to help you discover what it is that has been holding you back and what is going to work for you moving forward past the challenge.

We will create a meal plan for you from the personal information you submit insuring you are getting exactly what your body requires in order to not only function but give you all the right nutrients to make you feel great again while losing that excess body fat.

You will also receive a 6 week bodyweight training program that will burn them unwanted kilos away, build lean muscle and ultimately change your all over body composition. Bodyweight work outs can also help by removing any obstacles when it comes to equipment and/or expensive gym memberships.

All your plans are delivered via our amazing Fit2Go mobile app so you will always have your plan on hand where ever you go.

The support you receive is also a major part in making sure you have the best chance possible of reaching your goals, this is a great way to share your ups and your downs and be given the feedback you need to get you back on track.

What are you waiting for, check to see when the next HCC Fit2Go 6 week challenge starts.

This may just be the start you have been looking for.

what do you get.png
  • Customised meal plan (Updated weekly)

  • Training program (Home workouts)

  • Supplement guide

  • 24/7 Online support

  • Accountability system

  • Full body HIIT work outs

  • FREE Mobile App**

  • Online Coaching

  • Exclusive access members only Facebook page

  • Cash prize for the over all winner

  • Weekly spot prizes

  • Weekly weigh in's

  • Cardio work outs

  • A newer version of you


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  • You will be provided with a 7 day meal plan that is personalised to you and your body type, making sure that your body gets the right fuel and give it the best chance possible to transform over the 6 week period.

  • Weekly check ins so we can adjust your meal plan to suit what ever changes may have taken place through each week to boost your bodies ability to continue to change.

  • We will provide you with an accountability system developed by us in order to keep yourself accountable and on track over the full 6 week period.

  • Our online support system is second to none and we will do everything in our power to keep you motivated and moving towards your goals.

  • Weekly challenges to keep you both on your toes and visibly active and in constant contact throughout.

  • You will receive a 6 week bodyweight training program, spread over 6 days no gym membership or training equipment necessary.



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This could be you!!!

All you need to do is be willing to make a change, whether that be large or small every step forward is a positive one.

Take control of your health and wellbeing today and let us guide you along your journey to a newer you.