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Kia ora and Welcome to

Hale Compound


HCC has been in operation since 2013 and has grown from a park training service to now offering many different services including a gym HCC HQ.

With our services changing our values remain the same, with a commitment to offering a quality service dedicated to the wider community, this has never changed and will always be the driving factor for all things HCC.


Get The Best Results

The powerful HCC Members app is much much more than just a booking tool. You can now track your progress in real time with body composition monitoring via the help of the Neo Onyx Scanner. The scanner connects seamlessly via bluetooth with the Members app to assist with monitoring body metrics like Bodyfat Percentage, Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat & more.

The Nutrition Tracking element is amazing and allows you to log your daily food intake using the recommended calorie intake from the body composition scan. After you log your meals there is a visual meter to indicate exactly how many calories you have left for the day to stay within your recommended daily calorie intake. Create and save meals that can be easily logged by the push of a button or even copy and paste a full days worth of meals.

The Workout section of the members app allows members to create and log workouts and activities. These logs enable the member to see calories burnt and also record certain performances in order to repeat these activities to try and better their performance at a later date.

There is a community board within the members app where members can follow each others activities, support each other and share anything with the community on the community wall.

There are challenges within the members app that can be accessed at anytime allowing members to keep themselves accountable and constantly looking for an extra push outside of their regular training regime.

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Body Composition Monitor

This body composition monitor is able to track body weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, bone mass and visceral fat. The device automatically syncs all measurements to the HCC members app. It’s an amazing service for self-management and also an excellent tool to help members as you get direct access to all data measured at the push of a button. The app will provide you with detailed overviews, graphs and tables of your progress on all metrics. You are able to select various time periods in order to get a clear view on how you are doing over time. With the Neo Onyx Monitor progress tracking becomes easy, insightful and integrated with the HCC members app makes for a more complete experience.

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track your progress

The HCC members app gives you the opportunity to make the most of the Neo Health devices. Connect your phone via bluetooth with the Neo Onyx Monitor and the app will display the results within seconds.

With your HCC members app you can manage all parts of your lifestyle:

  • See your weight

  • See your body fat & percentage

  • See your muscle mass & percentage

  • See your bone mass & percentage

  • See your body water & percentage

  • See your BMI and BMR


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Choose from one of the options below to see which is the best fit for you.



This is our home base, located in Waltham Christchurch. From this location we offer Group Training, Weight Lifting and PT one on one services, operating 6 days per week.



This is a mobile service delivering group fitness to the community, in the community. We have two locations Hornby and Hoon Hay.

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This is an online health and fitness programme where we can provide meal and training plans to anyone, anywhere, anytime via mobile application.